Texas insider shares he’s not concerned of Sarkisian departure

Alabama head coach Nick Saban announced his retirement on Wednesday afternoon. Since the announcement, plenty have speculated over who will replace Saban in Tuscaloosa.

One Texas insider does not think that Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian will be that replacement. Inside Texas’ Eric Nahlin delved into why he is not concerned that Texas will lose its head coach to Alabama. You can read his thoughts on On3 Sports’ Inside Texas.

We shared our reasons why Sarkisian wouldn’t go anywhere. The biggest reason is, why start over at a school that you just beat by 10 points on the road? There’s really nothing that would suggest his entire all-star staff and elite roster would pack up and leave for Tuscaloosa. The players on hand at Alabama weren’t exactly being maximized by the assistant coaching staff on hand, either.

Aside from that, we have heard no tangible evidence to suggest Sarkisian is heading that way. If there were, we would probably know about it. We don’t, but the speculation is a great opportunity for Texas faithful to start appreciating what they have at head coach.

Great coaches make great programs. Programs that are consistently great are what they are because they hire great coaches. Right now, Texas is a great program because it hired Steve Sarkisian. Alabama’s next hire will determine if it will be more like it was over the last 17 years or the 12 years prior.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire