Tennessee Titans O-line uses catfish to funnel beers at Predators game

Puck Daddy

The Tennessee Titans offensive line has taken it to another level with its support of the local hockey team.

Last year, you probably remember, the beefy unit merely hydrated the catfishes they smuggled into the arena, while quarterback Marcus Mariota looked on and tried his best to disassociate himself with the group.

Pretty intense, yes.

But there was no sign last year, however, of the makeshift beer slide they devised for this year’s Stanley Cup run.

Check this out.

Yup, that is the Titans’ Taylor Lewan chugging multiple beers being poured off the backside of a fish by the rest of his offensive linemates.

And yes, that’s Marcus Mariota once again looking very uncomfortable with the entire situation.

And that was before Lewan let his feelings towards the Jets be known.



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