Sutton's Predictions: Manchester United v Sheffield United

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Chris Sutton is making predictions for every Premier League game this season against a variety of guests. For this week's matches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, he takes on actor Zack Morris, star of new thriller film Jericho Ridge.

Sutton's prediction: 2-0

I am going to predict a Manchester United win here.

There was a guy who was quite abusive to me on X so I promised him I would pick Manchester United victories for the rest of the season, after I backed Coventry to beat them in the FA Cup.

I was nearly correct about Coventry too - as manager Mark Robins put it after their defeat, I was a toenail away from getting that one right.

As much as anything, it was the way Manchester United fell apart after being 3-0 up that was the worry for them on Sunday, but they did get through in the end.

I don't think this is a particularly good game for Erik ten Hag's side to face next though, against the team at the bottom of the table with nothing to lose.

The Manchester United players probably won't relish being expected to win easily again, just as they were against Coventry, but even they should be able to beat Sheffield United - surely.

Zack's prediction: 4-0

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