Steve Kerr on Warriors’ new second unit backcourt pairing

With Chris Paul back from injury, the Golden State Warriors have a fearsome backcourt coming off the bench. Klay Thompson joins Paul in Golden State’s second unit, which should strike fear into the heart of bench defenses across the NBA. While neither star is in his prime, they’re still two of the most reliable veteran contributors in the NBA.

When speaking to the media following Golden State’s win over the Washington Wizards on Tuesday, head coach Steve Kerr shared his thoughts on Golden State’s new second-unit pairing.

“What a luxury to come off the bench with Chris Paul and Klay Thompson, that’s crazy,” Kerr said. “I think I said this before the game, but it feels like we’ve found a nice combination of the starting group that we’ve been able to count on over the last month. And a second unit that’s been good all year. Adding Klay to that only makes it better.”

Thompson has struggled for consistency when in Golden State’s starting rotation this season. Moving him to the bench should afford him some additional opportunities to lead the Warriors as a featured scorer while also give him the chance to attack second unit defenses.

Of course, Thompson’s minutes will likely remain at the starter level. As such, it will be interesting to see whether Kerr shortens his rotation or if he looks to balance both veteran backcourt players’ minutes. Either way, the pairing of Paul and Thompson on Golden State’s bench will be a problem for opposing defenses.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire