Stephen A. Smith Flames ‘Piece Of S**t’ Right-Wing Commentator In Wicked Tirade

Stephen A. Smith vowed that he’d “finally” speak his mind on Jason Whitlock before a wild, roughly 40-minute rant about the conservative commentator, who he called a “bastard ... worth less than a damn cockroach” on Wednesday.

The ESPN personality slammed his former colleague on the “Stephen A. Smith Show” podcast Wednesday after Whitlock, who now hosts a show on right-wing network BlazeTV, questioned the factual accuracy of Smith’s memoir, “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes” on the program and in a column.

Smith, who has stood by his book and taken jabs at Whitlock recently, said he gave ESPN a heads-up about his remarks and asked his pastor “for his forgiveness and understanding” before he went after Whitlock.

The ESPN star, who claimed that the BlazeTV host has “napalmed” bridges instead of burning them, said he was wrong for calling Whitlock a “roach.”

Smith said, “Because that’s not my name for him. My name for Jason Whitlock is religiously Cain: C-A–I–N.”

He added, “There is nothing good about him, absolutely nothing and I challenge anybody that knows anything about him to refute what I’m saying.”

Smith, who noted that he said “absolutely nothing” about Whitlock before he made a “bastard” dig a few months ago, referenced a 2015 Deadspin article that described a number of ESPN stars not wanting to work with their then-colleague.

“While you were on BlazeTV, spewing that bullshit to people, did you tell ’em that? Did you tell ’em how you stood outside of ‘First Take’ begging me to talk to you?” Smith said. “Did you tell them that once this same article in Deadspin came out, weeks later, you wrote a lengthy apology to me in an email begging me to forgive you? Pointing out how you were betrayed by this particular writer so you know how I must feel that you betrayed me? Did you tell the folks that? You bitch. Did you tell ’em? You fat piece of shit.”

Smith, later in his rant, added that he – as a Black man – can’t imagine “anything worse than a white supremacist.”

“That is until Jason Whitlock came along. He’s worse than them,” said Smith of the BlazeTV host, who has entertained conspiracy theories such as Michelle Obama being a transgender woman and said, “Not everybody has to have a vote” after discussing the women’s suffrage movement.

Whitlock, in response to the rant, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) that Smith made a “fool of himself” and he didn’t know that the ESPN star “was this limited.”