Steelers WR George Pickens calls Mason Rudolph the GOAT

The Pittsburgh Steelers passing offense looked stuck in neutral for most of the 2023 season until Mason Rudolph took over the starting quarterback job the final three games of the season. Rudolph played with a confidence we hadn’t seen since Ben Roethlisberger ran the offense and the entire offense was better.

We already talked about wide receiver Diontae Johnson endorsing Rudolph to be the starting quarterback next season despite Rudolph being set to hit free agency. Now it’s fellow wide receiver George Pickens giving props to Rudolph.

Pickens responded to an Instagram post that Rudolph made about how thankful he was to have had the opportunity to play for the Steelers this season and recognized his teammates. To which Pickens let the goat emoji. Five of them actually.

That’s both of the Steelers starting wide receivers essentially endorsing a return of Rudolph so he can take over the offense. This could really put some pressure on head coach Mike Tomlin and the front office to get Rudolph a new contract. But what does Kenny Pickett think of both his top pass catchers siding with the guy who replaced him?

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire