Splyce and compLexity drop Overwatch teams

Both Splyce and compLexity are dropping their Overwatch teams (Splyce)
Both Splyce and compLexity are dropping their Overwatch teams (Splyce)

Two endemic esports organizations have announced that they dropped their Overwatch teams today.

Splyce has announced that it will be releasing its Overwatch team. The announcement came in the form of a video featuring Splyce owner Marty “LazerChicken” Strenczewilk.

compLexity has also dropped its team, the organization announced this morning.

Both announcements featured a similar message: There simply aren’t enough opportunities for Overwatch teams to compete right now, especially with tournament organizers holding off until more details about the Overwatch League emerge.

The compLexity statement reads, “Overwatch esports has a promising future, but the current transitional phase has left organizations with limited exposure opportunities. We have the full intention of returning to competitive Overwatch, but at this time we need to assess the best way in which to tackle the fluid ecosystem.”

Says LazerChicken, “We’ve been thinking about this for a couple of weeks now, as we explored the options around competitive Overwatch right now, what’s out there for teams to compete in, or investment into new infrastructure… If we’re going to invest more money in the game right now, we want to have a real understanding of what we’re investing our money into and where this is going.

“Overwatch League seems like a really great opportunity that we’re interested in exploring, but it feels a ways out. We still have some time before Overwatch League is really going to be forefront… We feel, at least for the time being that it’s got some time before it’s going to affect us at Splyce. The simplest way to think about it is there’s a couple of 5, 10k online cups every so often, and that’s about it. Outside of that, there isn’t much competitive Overwatch.”

The two aren’t the first endemic esports organizations to have pulled out of Overwatch in recent weeks. A few days ago, player Taylor “b1am” Forrest released a statement saying that TSM had dropped their Overwatch team before it had played a single competitive game, after the organization got more information about the cost of entering the Overwatch League.

Blizzard announced today that it has created a brand new esports team within the company to handle Overwatch esports. There is still little information about the Overwatch League, but when more does come, you can be sure we’ll catch it over at the Yahoo Esports Overwatch hub.

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