Social media reacts to Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels comparison debate

College football regular season has officially ended, cranking up debates surrounding who NFL teams should draft over their counterparts.

One debate that had social media in a frenzy Thursday was between UNC quarterback Drake Maye and LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels. The debate was started on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) by user @the1_KD3x, who sent out a side-by-side ESPN comparison of the two quarterbacks. He captioned the post with, “No way this is being debated rn (right now)…”

The post went viral, garnering over 2 million views in less than 24 hours, sparking debates on college players transitioning to pros and if the stats are misleading between the two due to team differences. Daniels is a favorite to win the Heisman, while Maye has a chance to be the first quarterback taken off the board in the upcoming NFL draft.

The comparison was a unique one and brought out some great reactions. Let’s look at how social media reacted to the Daniels vs Maye debate.

Story originally appeared on Tarheels Wire