SOCCER: King fulfills dream, signs with Science & Arts

May 6—Brooke King will be a Drover.

The Chickasha senior has made her presence on the field known, and her hard work has led to an opportunity to play for her hometown college. King has signed to play soccer at the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma, a school she has dreamed about playing for since she was little.

"What led me to signing with USAO is how every time I step onto the field, I remember watching them play from across the street since I was a little girl, just waiting to get my chance to play the sport I love on the same field," King said.

Feeling wanted

Science & Arts made King feel wanted. She could not pass up that feeling.

"I feel wanted. I don't feel like just because I live and go to school here that they'll just give me a scholarship," King said. "I've always wanted to play, and the fact they gave me a scholarship says it all.

"It's my dream. I did it."

Loving the sport

Soccer has been a part of King's world for pretty much her entire life, and she has been playing the sport since she was first able to. It has become more than just a game to her.

"I love everything about soccer," King said. "One thing I would say is that soccer isn't just a game for me. It's pure love, excitement, dedication [and] passion. It's something that's hard and takes a lot of time and energy, but even through that, you still like to play."

The sport has also created a bond with her father — Brandon King — that is everlasting. He introduced her to the sport and has coached her throughout the years.

He has helped King get to where she is today.

"I started playing soccer because of my dad, and he's the real reason why I'm where I am today. He will always be there for me and push me to be better," she said.

Celebrating a goal

Getting the opportunity to play the sport is obviously a major accomplishment for King, but getting to celebrate with her supporters was something special.

It was another moment that showed just how much she has accomplished.

"Being able to have a signing day in front of the ones I love and the school that I've dreamed of is a really big accomplishment for me, and it took a lot of work to get there," King said. "My grandparents, Walter and Pat King, are my biggest supporters. They will always, always be there for me and my sisters. I love them more than anything."

King added that she is thankful for the support and advice she has received over the years.

One last ride

King has been on one last ride with the Lady Chicks, and it has been a successful one. This team has been one of King's favorites.

"This is my favorite group, no doubt about it. We have a connection that I've never seen before, and it feels like being on cloud nine when we play together," she said.