'We shouldn't get carried away'

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We asked for a reaction and that is exactly what we got.

It was not pretty, but it never is. Everton showed the heart that was so obviously absent against Chelsea, in a game that had drastic implications for both sides.

The aftermath of the 2-0 win over Nottingham Forest may have been dominated by the officiating, but Everton’s performance and handling of such a pressured match should not be lost.

After Monday, it would have been easy for the players and manager to hide and wilt given the magnitude of the game.

I questioned last week whether there were any souls left to search and if there was still stomach left for the fight. Maybe I underestimated the characters within the club. We should be mathematically safe with five games remaining. Some turn round from the previous two seasons.

As a fan base, we won’t and shouldn’t get carried away. Two huge games remain in what we all deemed a pivotal week for the club.

The Merseyside Derby is next on the agenda. A game often fraught with anxiety and tension, but so often a non-event for us Evertonians.

Two sides at opposite ends of the table and objectives worlds apart. This game has a lot riding on it for both sides. From our perspective, any points won during the game would be massive.

It is the proverbial ‘free hit’ for us, but certainly not a game we should simply let slide by.

Sunday’s win has given us all a slight bit of room to breathe. We can go into the game knowing our destiny is in our own hands and this game won’t define it.

A win for us would be monumental however. Faith has somewhat been restored, so you just never know.

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