Shaq challenges fans to pick a better NBA duo than he and Kobe Bryant

Shaq and Kobe were a great duo, but were they the best ever? (AP Photo)
Shaq and Kobe were a great duo, but were they the best ever? (AP Photo)

Shaquille O’Neal has issued a challenge to basketball fans: Try to find a better duo than O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, you can’t!

Shaq put out the call to NBA fans on his Instagram page with a convincing video:

His post reads:

The question was asked: Name a duo that could beat Shaq and Kobe in a two on two matchup. Well, I’m waiting. Don’t hold back. Players have to be on the same team.

The obvious choice here is probably Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, right? But we’re sure other combinations would be interesting. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade from their Miami Heat days? Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry? Tim Duncan and virtually anyone else on those San Antonio Spurs teams?

Historical matchups would be fun too, but you’d have to try and project how players would respond in different eras. You could probably create some fun combinations with Larry Bird or Wilt Chamberlain. Plenty of interesting duos work here.

We should note that while Shaq heavily implied he was looking for a duo to beat them in basketball, he didn’t explicitly say that. We think that puts Simon and Garfunkel on the table, and we’re confident they could compose a better song than Shaq and Kobe.

Trust us, we’ve heard Shaq’s albums.

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