Shaq returns to burning Damian Lillard with 'Second Round Knockout' diss track

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Cassandra Negley
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DAILY POP -- Episode 190912 -- Pictured: (l-r) Daily Pop guest Shaquille O'Neal reacts to the Daily Pop co-hosts -- (Photo by: Nick Agro/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
Shaquille O'Neal is back at the diss-track controls. (Photo by: Nick Agro/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Shaquille O’Neal has volleyed back in his diss-track war with Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, releasing “Second Round Knockout” to tip off the week.

Shaq and Lillard began taking lyrical shots at each other last week, and Shaq’s most recent release over Diddy’s “Victory” is his second aimed at the current NBA star, who goes by Dame D.O.L.L.A.

Shaq’s burns focused on Lillard’s poor postseason record, which up until last season never included anything past the second round, and that at least he has the accolades. He doesn’t waste time getting to the point:

“The sun gonna shine forever on my statues and retired jerseys /

Imma live forever/ Better now or never /

Kill Damian; my pleasure /

I see you lose every day /

Nobody do it better /

Yeah right weak-ass bars you ain’t tight /

So when you spit something make sure you spit it right.”

And later:

"Talking crazy ain' gone get you nothing but smoke/

Like when we see you in the playoffs every year when you choke."

He also followed Lillard down the route of insinuating the other rapper is female. Lillard went after Shaq late last week with his line, “Your pen kind of sketchy you should've left me/Sensitive I almost confused you with Lisa Leslie."

Shaq went further.

"First of all little boy, this ain't beef/

You just a [explicit] /

talkin’ while I'm hittin’/

Call it a queef.”

"You rap because you need to, dawg/

I do it for sport/

When you run I see the tampon string in your shorts."

Chris Paul and Rajon also got shoutouts with "The world going to see you fall / I'm going to do you like Rondo did to Chris Paul"

Shaq threw down lines first, but it was Lillard who initiated the back-and-forth when he said he was the better rapper on Joe Budden’s podcast in early September. Shaq’s first diss track featured a puppet delivering the performance on Instagram.

“Take your time to respond/

There is no hurry/

You’ll never be Westbrook/

Never be Steph Curry”

Lillard got back to him pretty quickly, releasing a response called "Reign Reign Go Away" days afterward. He made sure to hit on his shoes, movies and the most common diss levied at the Hall of Famer.

“We both could be working at Kinkos and Kobe won you them rings, though

Nursery rhyme spitting, small car sittin', Icy Hot poster boy

TNT snitchin' you big man hatin', mad at my existence

Had a song with Bad Boy, no Jordan to the Pistons”

Lillard went at him again in “I Rest my Case” released Oct. 3, claiming Shaq isn’t a rapper but rather “a comedy, commentary, and actor.”

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