SEK students prepare for Special Olympics with Tri-County Victory Games

CHERRYVALE, Kan. — Local students in southeast Kansas are gearing up for the Special Olympics.

For the past 20 years, the Tri-County Interlocal #607 has teamed up with Cherryvale teacher Sarah Wilson for the Tri-County Victory Games. It gives students with special needs a platform to enjoy themselves.

This year’s event was moved indoors because of weather. But participants still enjoyed throwing and jumping as they prepare for the upcoming Special Olympics.

Organizers say this event not only gets the kids active but also helps with their social skills.

“A lot of these kids don’t have the opportunities maybe other kids don’t have so this is way to showcase their strengths and the things that they like to do. And then a lot of kids have peer buddies here as well, so it gives them that inclusive um approach with all the other kids in the school,” said Matt Ysusi, Tri-County Interlocal Special Education Asst. Dir.

“It’s just fun for these kids, they need opportunities to get out and to socialize and to be with other people and this way when they come here it helps them work on their social skills, along with just being able to meet maybe some new friends,” said Wilson.

The Special Olympics will be next month in Erie.

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