Sean McVay: Kobie Turner's flexibility "a real blessing" as Rams consider DL prospects

Rams defensive tackle Kobie Turner said this week that he isn’t putting pressure on himself to make up for what the Rams lost with Aaron Donald's decision to retire because the team has made it clear that he doesn't "need to be anyone else other than who I am" to help the defense.

Head coach Sean McVay expanded on that during his own pre-draft press conference. McVay said that Donald "will never be replaced" when asked about the team's draft plans on the defensive line, but that they are "fortunate" to have Turner because his versatile skills make it possible for them to consider a range of players as possible complements on the defensive front.

"I think the best part about it is Kobie knows we just want Kobie to be Kobie," McVay said, via a transcript from the team. "And he does have some position flex across the front, whether we’re in three-down spacing or whether we’re in some of our four-down nickel, sub spacing. He can play in a bunch of different areas. That does give us some flexibility relative to the different types of players that we like if maybe they’re a little bit more specific in terms of where we envision them so that’s a real blessing for us."

General Manager Les Snead said that McVay and his staff have to figure out how to be "a very impactful, frustrating defense" post-Donald. The exact nature of the makeup of such a defense remains unclear, but Turner will be central to it.