Check out this slick all-white helmet concept for Seahawks

The NFL recently loosened up its one-helmet rule, allowing teams to have two. This has led teams to adopt alternate helmets, or in the case of the Seattle Seahawks, to complete their iconic throwback looks.

Although the Seahawks are set with their navy helmet for their usual uniforms and the silver helmets for throwbacks, this won’t stop creatives from coming up with fun concepts. Such as the one below, an all-white alternate helmet.

Now normally, I am not much of a fan of an all-white uniform. But these do look pretty fresh.

Perhaps what makes these look fine is the fact the Seahawks uniforms have plenty of blue still in the white to break it up. There is still variation and contrast, and the logo helps the helmet.

However, while these do look fantastic, I’m hard-pressed to say the Seahawks should scrap the throwback look for a white alternate helmet.

Still, these do look great. Perhaps someday if the NFL allows three helmets …

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Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire