Sarkisian on leaving Texas for Alabama: ‘I’m not doing that’

Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian isn’t going anywhere. He shared why Alabama’s head coach vacancy didn’t move the needle for him in an interview with ESPN.

Sarkisian explained his brief contemplation of leaving for Tuscaloosa.

“Naturally, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it. But it took me all of about 60 seconds to say, ‘Yeah, I’m not doing that.’ I had an awesome two years at Alabama and loved my time under Coach Saban, but ultimately you want to reap what you sow.

We’ve poured a ton into this program for three years, and we’re on the cusp, I think, of going on a run that will be epic. I believe that. Our staff does, and our players do, too, just the support we have and the culture we’ve created here. Why leave something like that?”

As could be the case with anyone, you listen to your mentor. Clearly, Sarkisian has great respect for former Alabama head coach Nick Saban. That Saban might consider him as his replacement likely meant a lot to Sarkisian. Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for Sarkisian to think it over. He rhetorically asks himself why he would leave.

Some are attempting to frame it as a close call. Sarkisian’s 60 seconds of contemplation make it clear he wasn’t anywhere near packing his bags for Tuscaloosa. He was unmoved.

Aside from the inherent disadvantages Alabama could have in matching Texas monetarily and in recruiting proximity to elite talent, Sarkisian would have had to start over in building his culture and instilling his schemes with the Crimson Tide. He concluded, “Yeah, I’m not doing that.”

Sarkisian believes his program is “on the cusp” of breaking through to the top of college football. Texas will look to get there in 2024.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire