Saquon Barkley discusses leaving Giants for division-rival Eagles

Saquon Barkley’s time with the Giants officially came to an end this week after he signed a three-year deal worth up to $46.75 million with the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles.

While the superstar running back admitted it’s been a little weird to see himself and his family donning the Eagle green after spending the first six years of his career with Big Blue, he says he’s excited about the new opportunity.

“It’s definitely a little different,” Barkley said. “But seeing my daughter put on the Eagle stuff, she’s seen we’ve been on the worse side of the rivalry, I guess you could say the past couple of years.

“When it came to my attention that they were a team interested in me I definitely got excited about it. Watching from afar everything that they’re about, the culture, the fans, definitely got excited about it. I’m happy to be a part of this and ready to go.”

While the 27-year-old wouldn't change a thing about his decision, he did have some regrets about how he handled things on the way out of New York.

"Once I announced it everything kind of got hectic," said Barkley who tweeted two Eagle emoji as his announcement. "I don't think I handled it the right way, I think I could've given a proper goodbye.

"To the Giants fans who were hurt by me leaving I have nothing but respect for them. For the last six years they've been great to me and my family and created so many memories, I am forever grateful and thankful for them."

By staying in the division, Barkley will get to play in front of the Big Blue faithful at least two times each of the next three seasons.

Now that all the talk about his contract status are in the rearview mirror, the two-time Pro Bowler says he's excited to focus on playing football and he feels he still has something to prove.

“I’m excited to get the business side off of it,” he said. “The last few years I’ve had so many people talking about the tag or a new contract and now all of that is done. Now we can keep the main thing the main thing and focus on playing football and winning games.

“I feel like I’m a special player and I still have a lot left. I have a lot to prove and I can’t wait to get on the field with those guys to prove it and show it to the world.”