Saints unveil never-before-seen uniform combination for their regular season finale

Gather around, sickos. The New Orleans Saints unveiled the strangest uniform combination they’ll wear all year for their season finale with the Carolina Panthers. They’ll hit the field on Sunday wearing their black home jerseys with, well, white pants. It’s a completely mismatched look. An eyesore. An abomination. You get the idea.

These white pants were introduced a few years ago to tide fans over between games in which the Saints wore their white-and-gold “Color Rush” uniforms. And they’re a clean look when paired with the matching white away jerseys. But bundling them together like this with the clashing black home threads is certainly a choice that someone could make.

But, hey. Maybe it can distract the Panthers often enough to help the Saints win on Sunday. If you’re curious, here is the record the Saints have achieved in each of their different uniform combinations dating back to 2006:

  1. “Black and Gold” throwbacks: 3-1 (.750)

  2. White jerseys, white pants: 11-4 (.733)

  3. Black jerseys, gold pants: 24-15 (.615)

  4. White jerseys, black pants: 42-27 (.609)

  5. White jerseys, gold pants: 37-25 (.597)

  6. Black jerseys, black pants: 49-36 (.576)

  7. “Color Rush” alternates: 9-7 (.563)


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Story originally appeared on Saints Wire