New rules allow for the use of technology in Texas high school football games

Technology is coming to Texas high school football…just not anywhere near the sidelines.

The Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL), the governing body for high school athletics in the state, has taken a significant step forward towards integrating technology in football games. As part of their ‘Rules Passed’ for the 2024 season, the integration of certain technology, in certain approved places, is permissible.

As part of their rule adaptation, the UIL passed:

“Teams are allowed to use video & data technology (computers, tablets, I-Pads, smart phones, etc) during the game and during half time intermission. The use of the technology is limited to the coaching booths and locker rooms – no sideline or team area use is allowed during the game.”

The rule went on to specify that game officials are not asked to enforce the rule, but “are expected to report any known or suspected violation of this rule in their game report to the UIL.”


Violation of the policy could lead to a forfeiture of the game under the UIL’s policy.


Story originally appeared on High School Sports