Richard Sherman tells NFL players to save their money and prepare for a strike

The NFL and the NFLPA aren’t as close to preventing a work stoppage as you might think. Despite a Washington Post article Wednesday suggesting the two sides were making progress on a new collective-bargaining agreement (CBA), San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman told players they should save their money and prepare for a strike.

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman.
Richard Sherman doesn't think a new CBA agreement is close. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

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Sherman’s tweet came hours after the Post article. The NFLPA endorsed Sherman’s stance, retweeting the message with a “100” emoji.

The current CBA expires following the 2020 season. One of the more contentious issues between both sides revolves around adding more regular-season games to the schedule. The owners want to push for 17 or 18 regular-season games. In that scenario, the preseason would be shortened. The players are hesitant to add more games to the regular-season schedule given the physical and mental toll of a 16-game season.

Sherman also threw cold water on the Post’s report that both sides were moving closer to a deal. Sherman — and Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle — disagreed with the Post’s declaration that a 17-game season was “increasingly likely.” Sherman said the league is trying to push a false agenda.

The NFL and NFLPA opened CBA negotiations much earlier than expected in an effort to prevent a strike. While that looked like a positive sign initially, it’s clear there are much bigger issues between the two sides than expected. It could take a full year before the situation gets resolved.


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