Richard Sherman has it right about Steelers HC Mike Tomlin

Every year it seems the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base and members of the media want to put head coach Mike Tomlin on the hot seat. Despite going 17 straight seasons without a losing season, the lack of playoff success continues to force this sort of speculation.

This is something Amazon Prime analyst Richard Sherman wants no part of. Sherman was on “Undisputed” and he made it clear unless he hears it from Tomlin, he doesn’t believe any of the rumors.

As much as many want to see the Rooneys move on from Tomlin, we all understand this isn’t how they do business. No franchise in professional sports embodies consistency like the Steelers do. Having three head coaches in 53 years is unprecedented. Tomlin has a job with the Steelers until he decides to move on, and given the amount of passion he coaches with, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Story originally appeared on Steelers Wire