Rex & Lav pod: Should fans even want AK to return?

Rex & Lav pod: Should fans even want AK to return?

This week turn a wild turn, huh?

In this edition of the Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav – the 400th episode! – the guys discuss the bombshell report that Anthony Kim, who hasn’t played on the PGA Tour in 12 years, is considering a comeback to pro golf.

But it might not be on the Tour. LIV Golf is reportedly in play, too.

Rex shares some of his experiences covering AK, and why he disappeared from public view, and Lav wonders whether golf fans should even really want a now-38-year-old to play again on the world’s biggest stage.

0:00: HOME SWEET HOME: After a week spent co-hosting “Golf Today” in cold Connecticut, Rex is happy to be home, if only for a few hours.

03:00: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?: The guys dive into the AK report, and why, after all these years, he’s even considering a comeback.

10:00: LET’S THINK ABOUT THIS: Now that AK is past his competitive prime, it’s worth discussing: What happens if this “comeback” falls flat? Sigh.

13:30: AS EXPECTED: Nick Dunlap has turned pro, so we revisit his easy-but-hard decision and what the rest of 2024 could bring.

22:30: EURO INVASION!: Matthieu Pavon became the latest long shot to win on Tour, but his breakthrough says something else about the current state of the Tour.

34:40: BIG GRILLING DAY: With the Tour schedule cleared on Sunday, what are we smoking for the conference championship games?