Retired Tom Brady posts video of him running a faster 40 at age 46 than he did at 22

Former NFL quarterback Tom Brady has apparently gotten faster over the past couple decades. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Tom Brady's NFL scouting combine is a part of his legend. When he met with NFL teams out of Michigan he didn't look the part of a future NFL MVP, and his slow 40-yard dash will find its way onto the NFL Network's coverage of the combine every year. There's a reason he was a sixth-round pick.

Also, Brady is aging in reverse like a football Benjamin Button.

Brady wanted to make up for his slow 40 time at the NFL scouting combine — 5.28 seconds back in 2000, when he was 22 years old — by running it again at age 46. That was about a year after his retirement from the NFL.

And, if you believe Brady's video on his social media, Brady beat his time from 2000.

Brady had two stopwatches on him as he ran, one had him at 5.18 seconds and the other was at 5.12.

Now, a few caveats: Anything on the internet can be doctored — perhaps the watches were a little quick (it's not going viral if Brady ran a 5.3) or any of the other tricks that you have to account for with a social media video. But if it's legit, Brady running a faster 40 at age 46 than he did at age 22 is absolutely mind-blowing. The number of athletes, even elite ones like Brady, who are faster at 46 than they were in their early 20s is a small, small number.

The NFL's social media feed even had the overlay of Brady's 40s:

Brady famously has been maniacal about his health regimen, which is one reason he had more success at quarterback in his 40s than any other player in NFL history. Of all Brady's wins against Father Time, being faster now than he was back in 2000 would be one of the more impressive.

Nobody is going to stop showing Brady's slow 40 from a couple decades ago. But a lot has changed since then.