Report: Search warrants signed for Deshaun Watson's social media accounts in October

A judge signed three search warrants for some of Deshaun Watson's social-media accounts, including Instagram and Cash App, back in October, according to a report from

Watson has been accused in a series of 22 known civil suits of indecent behavior with massage therapists. Although he has not been charged with any criminal complaints, Watson has not suited up for the Houston Texans while the legal process plays out.

This action, however, would suggest that Houston police have been gathering information and evidence and could possibly charge Watson at some point, depending on what those social media accounts reveal. The FBI also has reportedly investigated Watson as well.

One accuser indicated that Watson allegedly deleted some of their Instagram interactions. The warrants sought information from all of Watson's social media accounts owned by Facebook, including Instagram and Cash App, for "chat logs, friends, followers and following lists, messages, including text and multi-media messages in spam, archived and other mail folders and search history," as well as any potentially deleted information.

The timeframe of the social media warrants — from Sept. 1, 2019 through Jan. 1, 2021 — matches up with the alleged timelines of when Watson's accusers said he solicited sexual activity from them under the auspice of needing therapeutic massages.

Attorney Rusty Hardin, who represents Watson in the civil matters, issued a statement to ABC13:

“These allegations were put in a search warrant in order for law enforcement to be authorized to obtain records, that we would have made available for them if only asked. I am totally confident in saying whatever allegations that are said about Deshaun being improper and illegal in any of these massages are simply not true – whatever they are.”

Watson first requested a trade from the Texans in January following the hiring of new GM Nick Caserio. But that trade never happened after the civil cases started mounting in March. He remains on the Texans' roster for now.

The NFL issued a statement as well: "The matter remains under review of the personal conduct policy." The 22 plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit against Watson can't be deposed prior to Feb. 22, 2022.