Report: Rockets to reengage Nets in trade talks before 2024 NBA draft

For months, widespread media reports have indicated Houston held at least some talks with Brooklyn about shipping some or all of Netsupcoming NBA draft assets (acquired by Houston in the January 2021 James Harden trade) back to Brooklyn.

The idea is those picks could be disproportionately valuable to the Nets, since they have more control over the likely placement of those picks (because each is largely based on their record).

So, if Rockets general manager Rafael Stone is going to explore trades, it makes sense to at least inquire with a team that may be incentivized to trade more value. Rumored targets have ranged from Mikal Bridges to Brooklyn’s future draft assets from Phoenix, which extended further into the future and could give the Rockets a longer timeline to explore their options and decide the best plan.

With that in mind, The Athletic’s Kelly Iko reported Stone and the Rockets are likely to reengage the Nets on a potential trade before the draft (June 26-27).

Iko writes:

Houston also could look to acquire future draft picks, such as Brooklyn’s array of assets courtesy of the Phoenix Suns-Kevin Durant trade. The Houston Chronicle first reported the Rockets’ interest in the Suns’ unprotected first-round picks (Brooklyn has ownership of 2025, ’27 and ’29 Phoenix firsts in addition to swaps beginning in 2028). Per team sources, the Rockets will re-engage with the Nets leading up to the June 26 draft.

To this point, the Nets haven’t been receptive to a deal, or at least not to one that works within Houston’s valuations.

But, after an underwhelming 32-50 season for the Nets, perhaps the calculus could change in the 2024 offseason. Stay tuned!

Story originally appeared on Rockets Wire