Report: 'Mighty Ducks' TV series in early development

A Mighty Ducks TV series is in the works. (J.D. Cuban /Allsport)
A Mighty Ducks TV series is in the works. (J.D. Cuban /Allsport)

It looks like Gordon Bombay might be getting the old gang back together one more time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a television series based on the Mighty Ducks franchise is in the early stages of development by ABC Signature Studios. There’s no network currently attached to the project, which was brought to ABC Signature Studios by two of the original creators — screenwriter Steven Brill and producer Jordan Kerner.

It’s unknown whether it will be some kind of beer league sequel or a kid-centric reboot of the original series, as a script has yet to be written. So there’s no word on whether Emilio Estevez will be back behind the bench, Joshua Jackson will be triple-deking his way to glory, or if Kenan Thompson will still be ripping knuckle pucks.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Mighty Ducks franchise was brought to television. Who could forget the mid-90s animated series featuring Wildwing and his humanoid duck teammates protecting planet Puckworld from a bunch of evil overlords? That series only lasted 26 episodes, so hopefully they’ll have better luck in the golden age of TV.

Hockey isn’t hugely popular in the United States, which probably explains the complete lack of fictional hockey programming on TV, so there’s definitely some risk involved in producing a Mighty Ducks series in 2018. But it’s a nostalgic title that carries a lot of weight for hockey fans and ’90s kids everywhere, so here’s hoping they can make it work.