Ray Lewis blasts Odell Beckham in critical rant: 'Where there’s no God, there’s chaos'

Odell Beckham has inspired a lot of passionate opinions lately for his contract demands and a video of him and a woman in bed with a white powder, stories that have made numerous headlines and fatigued Giants brass.

On Monday, Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis joined the crowd and took to his pedestal to blast Beckham for not having God in his life and distancing himself from Lewis’ tutelage on Colin Cowherd’s “The Herd.”

The Beckham portion of the clip below starts at 8:45.

“Where there’s no God, there’s chaos. Odell has removed God from his life. This is a kid who grew up under the covenant of who God really is. And everything he’s doing, he’s crying out for help. We have a lot of people reporting about it, but it’s always been the duty of elders to go back to help him. So that’s why I raised my hand. I told him ‘I’m here. Whatever you need.'”

Lewis went on to suggest that Beckham’s perceived problems coincided with his distancing himself from Lewis.

“I told him I’m there, whatever you need. … So we started to make those phones calls; we started to have conversation. And then I started to see, he started to distance himself. A little more, a little more and a little more.” And the moment — just listen to me, Colin. I don’t care about religion, I’m talking about a foundation. When your foundation is disturbed, when everything you’re doing is the opposite of what’s got you to this place, then you’re making your own bed hard.”

Lewis, egged on by Cowherd, then veered off to criticize Beckham for spending time with Justin Timberlake, because apparently successful football players can only hang out with other football players.

“You show me your crowd, I will show you your future. Man, Justin Timberlake ain’t never played no football. I love Justin, but Justin ain’t getting out there on the ground like that. These guys he’s hanging out with, they’re in studios all night. They don’t have to get up, they don’t have no discipline when it comes to athleticism.

Lewis, a man who was implicated in a 2000 double-murder, then told Cowherd he plans to reach out to Beckham to help him with Bible scriptures and put him back on the right track.

First of all, I’m not gonna just gonna call him out, I’m gonna call him. See, a lot of people are calling him out. Disappointed. No, no, no. What I’m disappointed in is we had an agreement, as men. And the difference of me and everybody else, I don’t need nothing or want nothing from you. But when you tell me you want me in your life to help you, when you tell me that we will be accountable with reading our bibles and sharing scriptures and it don’t happen, then you wonder why things around you start to happen.”

Lewis’ words echo an angry March rant from Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter, who railed on Beckham for “being a little boy,” and saying “you’re in sports, you’re not some rapper.” Carter also demanded that Beckham call him, suggesting he has the answers to Beckham’s problems.

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Lewis and Carter appear to know how to get Beckham back on track. Whether that’s something he actually needs is an entirely different matter.

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Ray Lewis took to his pedestal to blast Odell Beckham for not having God in his life and distancing himself from Lewis’ tutelage. (AP)
Ray Lewis took to his pedestal to blast Odell Beckham for not having God in his life and distancing himself from Lewis’ tutelage. (AP)