Can you spot the Yellowstone bobcat hiding in plain sight?

Bobcat sightings are rare in Yellowstone National Park, in part because the stealthy felines are mostly nocturnal but also because they’re masters of camouflage.

How easily can you spot the bobcat in Trent Sizemore’s image?

Sizemore told FTW Outdoors that the extraordinary encounter occurred last Monday during a photography workshop he led in the park’s northern range.

Can you spot the bobcat? Photo: ©Trent Sizemore Photography

“We stopped at a pullout near Lamar Valley to have lunch, when one of my clients spotted something up on the rock, and it was the bobcat watching us,” Sizemore recalled.

“This was my first one in 10 years here. We spent several hours there, seeing the cat a few more times that day. Up against the rocks, the camouflage was impeccable.”

The same bobcat in full view. Photo: ©Anne Reinhard

The image showing the bobcat less camouflaged was captured by one of Sizemore’s workshop participants, Anne Reinhard.

“[She] was off photographing birds so she missed the first sighting we had,” Sizemore said. “She got this one a bit later in the day.”

Location of the bobcat. Photo: ©Trent Sizemore Photography

The Yellowstone website states that bobcats occupy habitat throughout the park but are “rarely seen.” Most reported sightings occurred in rocky terrain near rivers.

Bobcats are in the lynx family and can weigh up to 30 pounds. They prey largely on small mammals and birds, but have been known to stalk deer and pronghorns.

Yellowstone is currently plowing roads in preparation for the spring opener, scheduled to begin April 19.

However, the road connecting the North and Northeast entrances – about 55 miles, passing through Lamar Valley – is open year-round.

Story originally appeared on For The Win