Ranking the top 5 Stephen A. Smith baby filter rants

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Stephen A. Smith's rants are even better with the baby filter applied. (Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP)
Stephen A. Smith's rants are even better with the baby filter applied. (Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP)

Snapchat’s new baby filter feature is a godsend, if only because in the past few days, it has produced some of the best internet content we’ve ever seen: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith rants as a baby.

From his argument with LaVar Ball to the legendary Kwame Brown diatribe, here are the top five Stephen A. Smith rants, baby filter edition:

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5. Bring KD to the Knicks

Stephen A. Smith is an unabashed New York Knicks fan. Baby Stephen A. Smith really, really wants Kevin Durant to come to the Big Apple:

Yes, this is the content we want.

4. Stephen A. vs. LaVar Ball

You didn’t know you needed to watch Stephen A. Smith and LaVar Ball go after each other as babies until now.

I’m sorry, but you definitely do need to watch this:

This filter even makes listening to LaVar Ball enjoyable. Wow.

3. ‘I am having a very bad day’

Last week, Smith produced one of his most memorable rants to date after the Knicks lost out on the No. 1 pick and Zion Williamson in the NBA draft lottery.

This had me in stitches before the filter was applied.

With the filter? Pure comedy:

2. Kwame Brown!

Years ago, Smith went after former No. 1 overall pick and bust Kwame Brown after the Los Angeles Lakers traded him to the Memphis Grizzlies in the deal that brought Pau Gasol to L.A.

He was then asked on ESPN whether the Lakers gave up too much in the trade, leading to a priceless burn of Brown’s basketball skills (or lack thereof).

You are not ready for this pitch change:


1. His first move as the executive?

The Phil Jackson era as head of the New York Knicks was a spectacular failure, and Smith recalled Jackson’s first move in 2014 was to sign Lamar Odom, who soon found himself out of the league after battling a cocaine addiction:

Everything really is better with the baby filter added — especially Stephen A. Smith rants. Even he’s on to it, posting this video on Friday on how much he’s enjoying the social media flurry.

Please give us more, Stephen A. The internet needs it.

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