Rams’ schedule gives them no rest advantage over their opponents

Aside from having to play two Thursday night games in the second half of the season, the Los Angeles Rams’ 2024 schedule isn’t that bad. They don’t have to play three consecutive road games at any point, nor will they face multiple teams coming off a bye like they did four times last year.

It’s by no means an easy schedule based on the teams they’ll play, but the Rams won’t be severely impacted by travel or rest next season.

Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis ranked every team based on their net rest edges, which calculates the total days of extra rest a team will have over their opponents over the course of an entire season. Last year, the Rams had the second-worst rest edge (-17), but that number is much closer to zero in 2024.

According to Sharp, the Rams only have a minus-1 rest edge next season, tied with the Lions. For comparison, the 49ers have the worst rest edge at minus-21 days, with the Ravens leading the NFL by a mile at plus-16 days. Most teams are within plus-5 and minus-2, so the Rams are around average.

The Rams’ biggest rest disadvantage comes in Week 13 when they face the Saints, who have a Week 12 bye. So New Orleans will not only be at home, but also very well-rested. The Rams will also have extra days of rest after their Thursday night games against the Vikings in Week 8 and 49ers in Week 15. Obviously, they’ll be on a short week when facing each of those opponents, but so will the Vikings and 49ers.

The Rams could’ve been dealt a much worse hand when it comes to rest so they shouldn’t have a lot to complain about with regards to their schedule.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire