Raiders TE Darren Waller signs with new agent, returns to practice

There are coincidences. And then there’s those things that seem like too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Take the Darren Waller situation, for instance.

The Pro Bowl tight end has missed most of camp with what was being called a hamstring injury, according to reports. At least it was called that right about the time the media started to wonder if maybe he was not practicing because of his contract situation.

Waller has been looking for a new contract that would pay him closer to where he stands among NFL tight ends. To that end, he dropped his agent, Klutch Sports.

This morning Drew Rosenhaus announced he had a new client.

A couple hours later, Josh McDaniels was asked if he expected Darren Waller back soon and McDaniels — rather uncharacteristically — said Waller would be on the field for today’s practice.

“Darren’s good. Darren’s good to go,” said McDaniels. “So, you’ll see him today. I don’t really know about that whole (agent/contract) situation yet. But he’ll be out there today.”

Waller was indeed on the field with his teammates according to multiple accounts, suggesting just what McDaniels said; that he’s “good to go” as the team prepares for the season opener.

Whether that’s a healing situation or a contract confidence situation is up to interpretation. But I’d expect reports of a new deal will be forthcoming.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire