Radio Wales Sport's Team of the Season

Wrexham aside, 2023/24 may not be a season that lasts long in the memory of many Welsh football fans.

While Ryan and Rob’s Racecourse dream delivered another promotion, there were midtable finishes for Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.

But just because it wasn’t a stand-out campaign, does not mean there were no stand-out performers.

From Paul Mullin’s goalscoring, to Carl Rushworth’s goalkeeping, there were players who deserved praise for their efforts – but were they enough to earn a place in Radio Wales Sport’s team of the season?

Former Wales internationals Danny Gabbidon and Iwan Roberts joined Match of the Day Wales commentator Simon Davies and BBC Wales football correspondent Rob Phillips to put down their microphones and put on their manager’s coat to select a side from Wales’ club sides based on their form over the past nine months – and caused plenty of debate in the process.


Carl Rushworth (Swansea City) 48 appearances, 11 clean sheets

Danny Gabbidon: “He had a very good season – and probably had to when you look at Swansea’s defensive record, he’s probably been overworked and had to show his talent.

Shortlisted: Arthur Onkonkwo (Wrexham), Connor Roberts (The New Saints)


Perry NG playing for Cardiff City
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Perry Ng (Cardiff City) 41 apps, 6 goals, 4 assists

Rob Phillips: “It’s the easiest choice. Ng has hardly missed a game, and six goals from right-back says it all.”

Simon Davies: “He’s been so consistent.”

Eoghan O’Connell (Wrexham) 33 apps, 3 assists

DG: “Max Cleworth has had a good season but in the big games O’Connell’s played really well and up there with the best in the defensive stats in the division.

RP: “He’s been fantastic when Wrexham has most needed him.”

Dimitrios Goutas (Cardiff City) 46 appearances, 4 goals

Iwan Roberts: “He’s been magnificent. In the day and age you want your centre-halves to come out with the ball and join in midfield taking the odd risk, he’s a bit of throwback because he just loves defending; he loves heading the ball, throws his body and blocking. He’s been far Erol Bulut’s best signing.”

DG: “One of the main attributes you can have as a defender is availability and he’s been ever-present. There’s been the odd shaky moment but considering he was on a free transfer his consistency has been superb.”

Shane McLoughlin (Newport County) 41 appearances, 6 goals, 6 assists

DG: “I think’ he’s had a magnificent season; he’s been versatile, assists, goal of the season for Newport.”

Shortlisted: Max Cleworth (Wrexham), James McClean (Wrexham), Jacob Mendy (Wrexham).


Matt Grimes (Swansea City) 50 apps, 5 goals, 6 assists

DG: “He always catches the eye. It’s not been his best season – which coincides with Swansea’s form – but he’s got his best return with goals and he chipped in with assists again. His numbers are still very good on the ball with more than 700 progressive passes a game. He was so important when Luke Williams came in to implement the Swansea way of playing back to what they’re used to. He’s been key.”

IR: “He gets in any team in the Championship. You could put him in that Leicester or Leeds team and he doesn’t look out of place. If you want to play possession football you have to have a midfielder who runs everything and Matt Grimes does that.”

Bryn Morris (Newport County) 54 apps, 8 goals, 3 assists

RP: “He’s played every game. The way Newport play – when they’re on it – is physically demanding and he’s been a stalwart for them. He’s had a lot of different partners because of their injuries but he’s been excellent.”

IR: “He gives you everything and can handle a football too.”

Andy Cannon (Wrexham) 40 apps, 8 goals, 5 assists

IR: “He’s been very impressive. I saw him at Blundell Park where it was blowing a gale and he was outstanding with two excellent goals, covering the length of the pitch and superb finish. His statistics speak for themselves, box to box, full of energy.”

Shortlisted: Josh Williams (Connah’s Quay Nomads)


Paul Mullin (Wrexham) 42 apps, 25 goals, 6 assists

IR: “No doubt as a goalscorer he gets in. His numbers are phenomenal. He only just missed out on the golden boot despite missing the games at the start of the season. His work-rate is incredible, he doesn’t give you a moment’s peace. It’s a no-brainer.”

DG: “He recovered from a nasty injury, had to catch up but the goals speak for themselves. I’d hate to play against him.”

Will Evans (Newport County) 52 apps, 24 goals, 3 assists

RP: “He’s probably better when he’s instinctive than when he’s got time to think about it. You can’t argue with the number of goals this season. You wouldn’t be surprised if he makes Newport a healthy profit.”

SD: “He’s been amazing, especially when you consider he came in essentially as a left-back.”

Elliott Lee (Wrexham) 52 apps, 16 goals, 6 assists

RP: “He’s a catalyst for so much that is good about Wrexham. He went through a bit of a barren run but came to the fore when Wrexham needed him. He’s so important for him, I suspect off the pitch because he’s a character full of life.”

DG: “He brings so much more than goals and assists, he’s top of some of the defensive stats as well for the work he puts in so it’s what he does on both sides of the game. He was crucial for them in the start to the season.”

Shortlisted: Brad Young (The New Saints)


Phil Parkinson (Wrexham)

IR: “He’s the only choice. A promotion winner, who’s done a tremendous job.”

DG: “All the pressure and expectation to go up, the money team in the division to get the team playing the way he did was fantastic.”

RP: “What I love about him is the way he handles all the off-the-field stuff, the cameras and attention, but just gets it right.”

Shortlisted: Graham Coughlan (Newport County)

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