Quick Count: Brohm's Week 4 Purdue press conference

Kyle Charters, GoldandBlack.com staff
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Jeff Brohm held his fourth Monday press conference of the 2017 season, with Purdue returning home to take on Michigan on Saturday.

Following are notes from the presser:

• Now 2-1 after the win over Missouri, Purdue hosts top-10 Michigan for a Homecoming game on Saturday.

The Wolverines are 3-0 following their home win over Air Force on Saturday.

"Now we're on to the meat of the schedule and starts off with a doggone good opponent," Brohm said, praising Michigan as he opened his press conference.

• Brohm says Markell Jones will play this week if he's ready.

There could be a notion to sit Jones, who had been out since Week 1 with a knee injury, for Michigan, knowing that the bye week is ahead. But that's not Brohm's philosophy.

"We're not looking down the road, we're looking at Michigan fully," Brohm said.

That said, it's not yet known whether Jones could return. The junior running back didn't practice last week.

"We'll make sure we're smart with Markell and do what's best for him," Brohm said.

• When asked about Michigan's defense — one of the best in the country — Brohm chuckled.

"Early in the week, you watch and wonder, 'Holy cow, how are we going to score?" he said. "They're fast and athletic. ... We're going to have to study all week and figure something out. They're good.

"... Right now, I have to let optimism build."

• Purdue has more players nicked up than thought right after the game, Brohm said.

"It may be a hodgepodge practice week, as far as who can go," he said.

One of those is linebacker T.J. McCollum, who missed all but the first quarter of the Missouri game and was out of practice, at least one day, before. McCollum is a grad transfer who has played in Nick Holt's system the last two years, so he might be able to miss a bit of practice time without problem.

"He's got experience, so of all the people, we can make sure we're very conservative and get him the reps he needs," he said.

• QB David Blough is likely Purdue's start vs. Michigan.

But it wouldn't be surprising to again see Elijah Sindelar, as well, Brohm said.

• When Brohm arrived at Purdue, he looked at the Big Ten and saw four opponents that were a cut above.

The rest, however, he felt Purdue was on an even playing field.

"It was a matter of who was going to play hard, play to the end," he said. "I thought we could be in most games."

One of the four, though, comes this weekend with Michigan. After the Boilermakers have played well in the first three games, there might be some concern about changing expectations.

"We don't talk specifically about that," he said. "With us, we try to simplify it down. Every week, it's about raising the level of play. ... We try not to worry about the score, let our actions take care of themselves and look at the score at the end."

But, Brohm said, Purdue is continuing to play with energy, effort and passion, and it's giving the Boilermakers an opportunity.

"Our guys have realized you can be in games and realize you can have a chance to win," he said.


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