PSLs for Las Vegas Raiders will cost up to $75,000

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A rendering of the proposed Las Vegas stadium. (via MANICA Architecture)
A rendering of the proposed Las Vegas stadium. (via MANICA Architecture)

The Raiders are headed to Las Vegas, and if you’re in the market for season tickets, you need to have started saving back in 1995. PSLs — Personal Seat Licenses — for premium seats are going to cost from $20,000 to $75,000 apiece, according to records obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

What’s the story on the Raiders’ move to Vegas?

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The Oakland Raiders will become the Las Vegas Raiders as of the 2020 season. This year, they’re playing at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum; their 2019 home is yet to be determined. The Las Vegas stadium now under construction will be a domed facility ready in time for the 2020 season.

What are PSLs?

PSLs are guarantees to purchase a seat; they’re not tickets in and of themselves. And they’ve become an important method of stadium funding, by offloading a certain share of construction costs onto each individual fan. PSLs can be transferrable from one individual to another, and they can be financed, so they in theory hold value as an investment, but most PSLs are far too new to determine a reasonable market for their long-term value.

What will PSLs for the new Las Vegas stadium cost?

The new Las Vegas stadium as a whole is projected to cost $1.8 billion, with $750 million of that coming from Clark County via hotel room taxes. The Review-Journal found that the 8,000 club seats and “VVIP” seats will have three tiers of PSL costs: $20,000, $35,000, and $75,000, depending on location. The club believes this will generate at least $160 million in additional funding.

Five-year financing, with two season tickets and two PSLs, would cost $33,927 per year for the top seats, $19,132 for the middle level, and $13,647 per year for the “low-end” club seats. The team will begin selling other seats next week, but those numbers are not yet public.

Team officials have said they reached out to current California ticket holders before making seats available for Nevada residents. According to the team, 73 percent of the PSLs sold have been to Nevada addresses.

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