Projecting Oregon Ducks’ offensive depth chart heading into spring football

We are currently in the midst of one of the slowest periods of the college football calendar. Signing day is behind us, a recruiting dead period is soon to come to a close, and the transfer portal is on hold until the start of May.

Fortunately, spring football is only a few weeks away for the Oregon Ducks.

It’s been announced that the annual Oregon Spring Game will take place on April 29. Dan Lanning said that the team expects to have a couple of practices before spring break starts for the students on March 25, so it’s likely that within the next few weeks, we start to see some players take the field in Eugene.

To start our preview of the spring season, we wanted to kick things off with an early projection of what the two-deep depth chart might look like, beginning with the offense. While QB Bo Nix is returning, the Ducks are dealing with a major overhaul of the offensive line, and there are also some questions to answer at the wide receiver position.

Welcome to spring football season. Yes, it’s a bit early, but we were too excited not to get started.

Here is our offensive two-deep projection ahead of spring ball:


John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Projected Starter: Bo Nix

Projected Back-Up: Ty Thompson


The Ducks are in a really good spot when it comes to the QB position in 2023, with Bo Nix returning for his final year of eligibility, and entering the season as a Heisman Trophy candidate. Behind him, the Ducks can feel confident in what they have with Ty Thompson, who will be a redshirt sophomore in his third year with the program. Should they need to plug Thompson in for whatever reason, there should be a belief that he can keep the ship afloat.

Running Back

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Projected Starter: Bucky Irving // Noah Whittington

Projected Back-Up: Jordan James


It’s quite possible that running back is the deepest position on Oregon’s roster right now. With both Bucky Irving and Noah Whittington expected to split time as the returning starters, we can also expect that Jordan James will have more of an every-down role rather than just being featured in short-yardage situations. Behind those three, you’ve also go Dante Dowdell and Jayden Limar, a pair of true freshman who look incredibly capable of contributing right away as well.

Wide Receiver

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Projected Starter (X): Troy Franklin

Projected Back-Up (X): Kyler Kasper

Projected Starter (Slot): Tez Johnson

Projected Back-Up (Slot): Kris Hutson

Projected Starter (Z): Traeshon Holden

Projected Back-Up (Z): Jurrion Dickey


There is a ton of talent at the WR position for the Ducks, but also a lot of unknowns other than Troy Franklin. The fact that Traeshon Holden is back on the team is a massive deal for Oregon because he slots in as a projected starter. I also am going out on a limb and predicting that Troy transfer Tez Johnson will come in and surprise a lot of people, taking the starting job away from Kris Hutson.

Tight End

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Projected Starter: Terrance Ferguson

Projected Back-Up: Patrick Herbert // Kenyon Sadiq


While RB could be the deepest position on the roster, TE might be the thinnest at this point. With only 3 TEs on the depth chart, I expect the Ducks to try and add another piece before the season starts. At the top, I don’t think there will be any change, with Terrance Ferguson still acting as one of the top offensive weapons. However, it will be interesting to see if true freshman Kenyon Sadiq can carve out his role in the offense alongside Patrick Herbert.

Left Tackle

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Projected Starter: Josh Conerly

Projected Back-Up: George Silva


It sure would be convenient if former 5-star OT Josh Conerly — the highest-rated OT in program history — can step in as a sophomore and take over ast the starting LT for Oregon, wouldn’t it? Conerly will certainly have to compete for the job, but based on what we saw from him in 2022, there’s reason to believe that he can fill that spot nicely for the Ducks. Behind him, I think JUCO commit George Silva is an outstanding No. 2.

Right Tackle

Projected Starter: Ajani Cornelius

Projected Back-Up: George Silva


Ajani Cornelius is arguably the top transfer-portal addition for Oregon this offseason, and after he excelled playing RT at Rhode Island, it seems logical to think that he could step in at the RT position in Eugene and continue to succeed. I also listed George Silva as the backup here because I think that he has a classic tackle body and could serve well at both positions.

Left Guard

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Projected Starter: Marcus Harper

Projected Back-Up: Junior Angilau


Marcus Harper is the lone starter from 2022 returning this season, so I expect him to keep his role at left guard and excel much like he did last season. Behind him, it will be interesting to see who the backup is. Right now, I think that Texas transfer Junior Angilau will get the nod, but it’s very possible that Angilau wins a starting job elsewhere on the line as well.

Right Guard

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Projected Starter: Steven Jones

Projected Back-Up: Kawika Rogers


This is a spot where I could see Junior Angilau competing for the starting spot, but I think with the news that Steven Jones is returning for another year, you have to give him the nod at this point. It will be interesting to watch during spring ball what the rotations are like, though, because the Ducks have a lot of talent that they can put at this position.


(AP Photo/Andy Nelson)

Projected Starter: Jackson Powers-Johnson

Projected Back-Up: Dave Iuli


Jackson Powers-Johnson was equivalent to a basketball six-man in 2022, usually acting as one of the first players off of the bench, able to fill multiple positions on the offensive line. He can play at either guard spot, and he can play center as well. I expect him to take over as the starting center, and I could see redshirt freshman Dave Iuli getting the nod behind him.

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire