PITT 8 PREVIEW: Young Warriors prepping for Pitt 8 tourney tilts

Jan. 13—The Warriors are readying for battle.

Indianola will be facing the field at the 2024 Pitt 8 Conference Tournament next week, and while they're a young team, they're leaving everything out on the floor each night.

"We show signs," coach Tommy Pinkley said of his team's potential. "A lot of times at ballgames, we've been a lot more competitive."

The Warriors have taken multiple wins over the likes of Moss, Cameron, and Bokoshe. They've also battled several fellow Pitt 8 Conference members with tilts against teams such as Crowder, Stuart, Kiowa, and Savanna.

Indianola has earned 10 Pitt 8 Conference titles in school history, with the last one occurring in 1997's tournament. Last year, the Warriors battled to the end in their two days of competition.

This year, Indianola will open the latest edition of the Pitt 8 Conference Tournament with a first-round battle against Kiowa.

The Warriors have seen their fair share of growing moments. But no matter who the opponent is, Pinkley said his team will always come ready to grow and build themselves on the hardwood.

"We're pretty young, and we're leaning on the young kids a lot," he said. "We've got a lot of growing up to do."