Peter King shares what he thinks Rams could do at trade deadline

The Rams are often active at the trade deadline each year, making deals to acquire players such as Jalen Ramsey, Von Miller and Dante Fowler in recent seasons. They’re expected to be in the market for help again this season, especially after already attempting to land Christian McCaffrey.

But after losing to the 49ers on Sunday and falling to 3-4, the Rams may not be as aggressive as they might’ve been had they won. Among the positions they could target before the trade deadline are wide receiver, running back and edge rusher. And as poorly as the offensive line has played, finding plug-and-play help will be difficult.

Peter King of NBC Sports shared his thoughts on the Rams ahead of the trade deadline, predicting what they may and may not do, based on what he’s hearing from his sources. To no surprise, he threw out the idea of the Rams landing a speed threat, naming Brandin Cooks as someone to watch.

Interestingly, he said they could acquire him, “even if it costs them the ill-fitting Allen Robinson,” which seems to suggest Los Angeles could package Robinson in a deal for Cooks – or more reasonably, demote him from a starting role.

King said he doesn’t think the Rams have interest in Kareem Hunt or left tackle Laremy Tunsil, but Brian Burns would likely be No. 1 on their list of pass rushers. He just doesn’t believe the Rams will give up premium draft picks to land Burns during this rough season.

Rams. One you-never-know thing about the Rams: I won’t be shocked if they find a speed receiver somewhere, even if it costs them the ill-fitting Allen Robinson. That speed receiver could be Brandin Cooks, but only if the Texans chip in on some of the $18 million salary Cooks is due in 2023. The Kareem Hunt talk sounds like an invention; I don’t think the Rams have much interest in him, and I hear they have zero interest in shoring up left tackle with Laremy Tunsil of the Texans; Rams certainly don’t think he’s worth the $18.5 million he’d be owed for 2023. L.A. would like a pass-rusher, and it’s likely Carolina’s Brian Burns would be number one on the Rams’ list. But this isn’t like a year ago, when the Rams thought they were on a Super Bowl run and could overpay—sort of make a short-term-rental “baseball” trade for Von Miller. I can’t see them trading two first-round picks, or maybe a first- and a second-, for Carolina’s Burns without getting a contract done for the 24-year-old first.

The Rams have already been linked to Cooks and Burns, reportedly making a “substantial offer” for the Panthers pass rusher. The Texans are open to trading Cooks, which makes a deal more likely, but the Panthers have already turned down two first-rounders for Burns.

The next two days will be telling for the Rams as they decide whether to go all-in again or stand pat while keeping their most valuable picks in case they need to rebuild next offseason.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire