Paterson's Swans future 'not clear'

Jamie Paterson
[Getty Images]

Swansea City boss Luke Williams says he “loves working with Jamie Paterson”, but says the midfielder’s future is “not clear”.

Paterson who scored in the Swans’ 2-2 draw at Norwich City on Saturday, has played 47 games for Swansea this season after an injury-hit campaign last season.

The 32-year-old has previously said he wants to stay at the club, but Williams said it remains unclear if he will continue to play in south Wales.

“It is so difficult to talk about the contracts. Things are going on and it would be really unfair of me to talk in-depth about anyone’s future,” Williams said, when asked if securing Paterson’s future was a priority.

“Jamie Paterson against Norwich gave everything for the team; at times he’s like holding a handful of water, he’s just impossible to play against.

“He wriggled away and made a brilliant action for his goal and he beat three players inside the box later in the game.

“When a player has that spark and he still has the commitment to the club, then that’s all you can ask for.”

Williams added that he is a “massive fan” of Paterson “as a player and person”, but he offered no assurances of a deal being secured.

“The future is not clear because many things have to happen but I can only talk about his performances since I’ve been here,” the head coach added.

“Negotiations may be going on and whatever his future is, he’s not showing any lack of commitment to the team.”

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