Passenger’s punch knocks United Airlines worker through the counter, NJ video shows

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Screengrab via @tigermelons on Twitter

A passenger’s powerful punch knocked a United Airlines worker through the ticket counter and bloodied his face at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey during a dispute, video shows.

“You want some more? He wants more,” the passenger is heard shouting after the worker gets up during the nearly minute-long clip shared to Twitter capturing the pair fighting. It is unclear what the brawl was about or who started the altercation.

The ticketed passenger, identified as Brendan Langley, 27, of Georgia, was arrested after the May 19 incident resulted in the United Airlines customer service representative getting sent to the hospital, a Port Authority media representative confirmed to McClatchy News in a statement. Port Authority oversees transportation in New Jersey and New York.

“He works at the airport and he assaulted me,” Langley is heard saying near the end of the video about the customer service representative.

The employee has since been fired, a United Airlines spokesperson told McClatchy News in a statement.

Beforehand, a verbal argument occurred, and “during the dispute, a scuffle ensued, and the ticketed male passenger punched the United rep. in the face causing a laceration above his left eye,” the Port Authority statement said.

Langley, who is a professional football player and wide receiver for the Canadian Football League’s Calgary Stampeders, was charged with simple assault, according to the Port Authority spokesperson.

The video clip begins with the fight already in motion with both men appearing to exchange slaps in the face. Then, Langley is seen repeatedly punching the worker’s face as the employee puts his fists up in apparent defense.

Ultimately, one of Langley’s punches sends the worker flying over the counter, causing his head to bleed, and he is seen hitting the ground, the video shows. After the worker gets back up, the clip ends with Langley appearing to walk away.

“United Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities in their investigation of this matter,” the airline spokesperson said.

The Newark airport is roughly 13 miles west of New York City

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