Are the Panthers projected to land any 2025 compensatory picks?

One team’s treasure is another team’s treasure.

With the 2024 NFL draft now in the books, we’re beyond the point of consideration for compensatory free agents. That means the loss of key free agents can no longer be thrown into the formula for 2025 compensatory picks.

So, Over The Cap contributor Nick Korte has cooked up some projections for those selections—and, unsurprisingly, the Carolina Panthers didn’t make the list.

Yeah, that’s typically what happens when you’re the top spenders of the offseason.

What also usually happens is restitution for the teams those top spenders took from. And boy, did the Panthers ever take.

According to Korte, four of Carolina’s free-agent signings should result in compensatory picks elsewhere. Those players, teams and projected rounds for the picks are as follows:

The Panthers kicked off their free-agent escapades by landing both Hunt and Lewis—who signed to a combined $153 million. They’d eventually follow up with two-year deals for Nijman and Clowney—whose pacts can be worth up to $15 million and $24 million, respectively.

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire