Packers OC Adam Stenavich on Jordan Morgan: Wouldn't say he's a guard or a tackle yet

Packers first-round pick Jordan Morgan has no doubt that he's "just gonna prove everybody wrong" if they think he can't play left tackle, but the team isn't sure that's where Morgan will be lining up come the fall.

Morgan played the position at Arizona and he was at the spot at the team's rookie minicamp, but they have a few different options to fill spots across the line as they move toward the 2024 season. Some teams thought Morgan would be a good fit at guard heading into the draft and Zach Tom also has displayed the versatility to play at several spots up front.

On Monday, offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich said the team will take its time before setting anything in stone.

"He's a natural on the edge," Stenavich said, via the team's website. "He looks comfortable out there. There's obviously some technique stuff we've got to clean up, just like anybody, but yeah, I'm excited to work with him and just watch him and see. I wouldn't say he's a tackle, I wouldn't say he's a guard, I just want to see where he fits best for us and with our best five out there. So that may be at tackle. It might not be. But I'm excited to work with him and you can see his athleticism when he's out there. He's a pretty talented guy."

Protecting Jordan Love will be a priority for the Packers come the fall and that will make the competition for spots on the offensive line an intriguing part of the preseason in Green Bay.