Should the Packers be the favorites to win Super Bowl 56? | PFT on Yahoo Sports

Mike Florio and Peter King discuss if the Green Bay Packers should not just be considered the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, but actually hoist the Lombardi Trophy next month.

Video Transcript


MIKE FLORIO: PFT on Yahoo Sports. Peter King, Mike Florio. The post-season is upon us. 14 teams are still alive as we begin the chase for Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles.

Peter, should the Packers-- the number one seed in the NFC-- be regarded as the favorites? Not just to advance to the Super Bowl, but to win it.

PETER KING: You know, I suppose so, Mike. But I think this is a year-- this year kind of reminds me a lot of last year. I didn't love any team going into it last year, either.

I mean, I thought Kansas City or Buffalo might be the best team. Because I thought Green Bay's defense was a little weak. I thought Matt LaFleur was really correct, on Sunday, in laying into his team for a defense that was paper mache against Jared Goff.

I mean, that-- I mean, that would worry me a lot more than anything in Green Bay right now. You know, look. You've got how-- how solid is Bakhtiari at left tackle going into the playoffs? You know, with two more weeks of rest. How much impact could they get from those injured defensive guys coming back?

I mean, those are really big questions. But also, that-- and I realize, OK, the game doesn't matter. And you're not playing for anything. But if you're out there and you let the Detroit Lions run through you, that would be a worrisome thing for me.

MIKE FLORIO: Yeah, but it does all go out the window and reset. I guess my concern would be, with a week off, you're going to have that defense going three weeks between performances where they actually brought it. And maybe you do get caught flat footed. That's--


MIKE FLORIO: I always worry about the teams that get the byes. Do they get punched in the mouth early by a team that played the prior weekend and won and is feeling good about themselves. And also, is feeling like they got nothing to lose.

Weathering that storm in the divisional round is-- is a difficult thing to do. And then, at some point, you got to worry about Tampa Bay making their way back to Green Bay. I think that's the only real threat.

I look at the rest of the teams in the playoff field and I say-- you know, except for maybe Dallas. Because Mike McCarthy knows a thing or two about coaching in Green Bay. I'm not worried about-- especially if I get a little weather on my side-- I'm not worried about Arizona. I'm not worried about the Rams. I'm not worried about Philadelphia.

Though, the one team I'd be worried about is the Buccaneers coming back to Green Bay again.

PETER KING: I'd be worried about the Rams. And look, you know, you've got a quarterback there who is playing like bad Detroit Matthew Stafford. I get it. But here's the thing about Stafford.

He's very used to playing in the cold. He did it his entire career before this year. In Chicago and Green Bay. Not every year. But, you know. He's used to practicing playing in the cold.

And, in my opinion, look, eight turnovers in the last four weeks. I think that's it with Stafford. That really bothers me. But I also think the ability to make big plays with that offense-- and getting Cam Akers back-- I think they're kind of the sneaky team.

Plus, look, with Tampa, who's going to be left playing then? They've had so many injuries and-- and no more Antonio Brown. I mean, to me, that would be the thing I'd worry about most with the Bucs.

MIKE FLORIO: You know, another team I'd be concerned about. Now that we showed the graphic. I'd be worried about the 49ers rolling into Lambeau Field and-- and dialing up the old school approach.

Run the ball, play good defense, let Jimmy Garoppolo be Bob Greasy and not throw the ball. And if it's cold and windy out, who cares. We're not going to throw it anyway. That's a team that would scare me if I was the Packers. The 49ers. Maybe as much as the Buccaneers because I think the 49ers--

PETER KING: It would--

MIKE FLORIO: Could take that show on the road and win at Lambeau Field.

PETER KING: The 49ers are going to play an old style Bill Parcells game this week. Try to run it 45 times at Dallas and keep the ball out of Dak's hands.

MIKE FLORIO: So maybe the Packers are the favorites, but it's not going to be an easy road for anyone in this 2021 playoff run. Thanks for some of your time. We'll see you again for more PFT on Yahoo Sports.