Over/Under Week 11 - Mike Williams

Will the LAC WR go over/under 9.9 fantasy points in week 11?

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, it's "Over/Under" time again, and we are looking at the Sunday night game. We're talking Mike Williams. Remember not so long ago Mike Williams was an absolute fantasy star? Not so much lately.

The number here-- 9.9 fantasy points. Like, that was a good half for Mike Williams in September and October. But I got to take the under in this match-up against Pittsburgh. Number 1 Pittsburgh has the number 9 pass defense in the league. So a bit of a daunting match-up here.

And then you look at what Williams has done lately, and it's just not that much at all. Over his last four games he's averaging only five targets per week. Started off the season in his first five, he was averaging 10 targets. Where of all the deep balls gone? We have no idea.

Justin Herbert over the last four games has only thrown nine passes of 20 yards or more. These are worrisome numbers for me. Maybe it's that knee issue that Williams was dealing with about a month ago. I have no idea, but I can't take it over on this player right now. Matt, do you agree?

MATT HARMON: I hate it, but I'm with you. I'm with you on the under on this one. I mean, Justin Herbert ranks 29th in air yards per pass attempt. What are we doing here putting Justin Herbert in like the Drew Brees 2020 offense?

It's enough with this offense. Give me a break here, Joe Lombardi. It's time to wake up, OK? But I would love to see that change, but I'm not gonna bet on it going into a match-up against the Steelers defense even if they're missing some guys here. This offense needs to show it to me, and I think Mike Williams too needs to show it as well before we can start being optimistic again.

ANDY BEHRENS: Tank, do we have an under this week?

TANK WILLIAMS: Rev, like, I'm on the buy the dip on my cousin so damn bad, but Mitch, he won't let me do it. So I'm gonna sweep this under into the void where Chargers playoff games lie, where Chargers fans are, and where his fantasy production has been since week 5 because this dude has throwing up what? 3.7 points, 2.9 points, 6.8 points in the past three weeks.

Like, I guess you can say that at least things are trending up. But unless that glass is half full with some whiskey, I can't do it until my boy proves it to me. Come on, Couso.