Magic guard Terrence Ross' Lamborghini SUV was stolen, totaled from the dealership

Magic guard Terrence Ross said that his Lamborghini Urus was stolen from a dealership in the Orlando area and then totaled early on Tuesday morning.

The SUV is valued at more than $200,000.

Ross said in an Instagram video that he got a call early on Tuesday from a police officer who told him that they found his car, which left him very confused. Then he realized it was his Lamborghini that he sent into the dealership after he got a flat tire.

Warning: This video contains language that is NSFW.

“[The officer] basically told me that two guys broke into the dealership, smashed through a glass, went through a desk, grabbed keys and go out to the lot and start seeing which key works,” he said. “And the key that they stumbled upon was my key. My key to my flat Lambo gets stolen off the lot.”

Ross said that the two suspects eventually crashed his car into the side of a building after a pursuit with police, completely totaling it.

The car, he said, was a present for his 30th birthday earlier this year.

“I’m so sick right now,” Ross said. “I’m so, so God **** sick. That was the greatest car I’ve ever had. Now, it’s gone.”

The investigation, according to the Orlando Sentinel, is still ongoing.

Ross averaged a career-high 15.6 points and 3.4 rebounds with the Magic last season, his fourth full year with the team. He just finished the second year of a four-year, $54 million deal with Orlando.

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