Opelika Bulldog Stadium’s nearly $2 Million renovation features Jumbotron, fresh turf

OPELIKA, Ala. (WRBL) – To elevate the game-day experience for students and fans alike, Opelika’s Bulldog Stadium is undergoing a transformative renovation with nearly $2 million invested in upgrading facilities.

The project’s focal point is installing a state-of-the-art Jumbotron, accompanied by a new turf field, to enhance the stadium’s ambiance and functionality.

The custom Daktronics scoreboard boasts a high-resolution display and a cutting-edge sound system, adding to the immersive experience for spectators. Standing at more than 20 feet tall and spanning 36 feet wide, the colossal Jumbotron comprises three video boards, promising crystal-clear visuals.

The financial commitment to this endeavor, totaling approximately $1.98 million, is a collaborative effort between Opelika City Schools and the City of Opelika.

“We are grateful to the leaders of both systems to get this done for us. This is a point of pride for our community, so we wanted to be top-notch,” said Opelika City Schools spokesperson Becky Brown.

Brown took WRBL on a project tour, showing us the meticulous turf installation process, which involves precision cutting, gluing, and layering of materials. Notably, the field will have cooling pellets designed to lower the temperature by 30 degrees, ensuring optimal playing conditions.

Beyond football, the versatility of the new turf will accommodate various sports activities, including soccer and flag football. With the previous turf and scoreboard serving for a decade, this comprehensive renovation signals a significant upgrade for Bulldog Stadium.

Commencing in March, there is hope the Class of 2024 will have the privilege of walking across the freshly laid turf for their graduation ceremony.

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