OnCore’s Encore: VERO X2, VIP membership highlight banner year

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By its own lofty standards, 2021 was a quiet year for Buffalo, N.Y.-based OnCore Golf. But the 11-year-old direct-to-consumer golf ball company came out swinging in 2022, releasing two new Tour-level balls featuring its proprietary perimeter weighting, unveiling a value-packed VIP membership program and hosting a celebrity golf tournament to benefit charitable causes. 

In April, OnCore rolled out its latest ELIXR ball for players who swing the driver 90 to 100 mph. The centerpiece is a metal-infused Surlyn mantle layer, which shifts mass from the core to the perimeter (cover). According to the company, the design reduces sidespin for tighter shot dispersion than competitors’ products. 

That’s not all. 

“The [3-piece] ball is definitely faster than the previous version due to the new rubber core and TPU cover,” said John Calabria, Senior Technical Advisor, OnCore Golf. 

Besides the firmer cover (ELIXR 2020 used cast urethane), the new dimple pattern delivers a mid-to-high trajectory. “The cover works well with this construction, and we wanted to keep the thinner, cast urethane exclusive to our [4-piece] VERO balls,” he added. At $30 per dozen, the new ELIXR costs the same as the original. 

“We love that price point. We think it’s affordable for a Tour-quality ball,” said Steve Coulton, Co-Founder, OnCore Golf. “With our technology, it’s a great price and a good on-ramp for golfers who want performance and quality but don’t want to spend more for VERO X1 or X2.” 

Following the launch of the 2022 ELIXR, the company announced Club OnCore, an inner-circle program for brand loyalists that offers select products, services, VIP experiences and more. “We feel the [membership] model gives us an edge when competing with the large companies while providing customers with great deals and rewards their loyalty,” said Coulton. 

Players choose from Club OnCore Basic ($100/year) or Club OnCore Plus ($250/year). Members in both tiers receive a golf towel, a one-year subscription to the company’s Golf Boost AI swing instruction app, special deals with partner companies (e.g., wedges, putters or launch monitors), as well as free golf-ball customization and free shipping. 

The differences in benefits? Basic members receive two dozen balls of their choice and 10% discounts, while the Plus membership includes four dozen balls, a stand bag and 25% discounts. A bonus: Members only can get the VERO X2 before its official release this fall. (The goodies and freebies retail for more than $400, while exclusive deals and discounts provide further savings.) 

In addition, company officials envision the Club OnCore community coming together at special events such as the OnCore Golf Celebrity Classic, which raises money for the Oishei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo and the Western NY Chapter of PGA Hope. (The inaugural tournament occurred prior to the Club’s kickoff.) Brand ambassador Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills QB), Anthony Anderson (comedian/actor) and Alonzo Mourning (seven-time NBA All-Star) were among the headliners at the two-day event in June.

“The OnCore Golf Celebrity Classic was an awesome event showcasing all the great city of Buffalo has to offer,” said Bret Blakely, Co-Founder, OnCore Golf. “We’re excited to raise funds for two organizations we have supported for years that do phenomenal work within the Western New York community.”

Back to the highly anticipated VERO X2: while it’s not available yet to the general public, the flagship product grabbed headlines this summer with a win at The New Jersey State Open Championship. Engineered for golfers who typically swing 110 mph or more, the ball has a lively rubber core, metal-infused Surlyn mantle layer, nano-technology inner cover and cast urethane cover. 

“The VERO X1 and X2 share much of our proprietary technology. The main difference is that X2 has a higher core compression [95 vs. 85] for a firmer feel and more speed than X1 for more distance,” said Calabria, who worked previously at Maxfli, Spalding, TaylorMade and Titleist. “Both balls have a similar high trajectory and X2 has a little more spin with the longer clubs due to the higher compression.” 

Upon release, the VERO X2 will be $50 per dozen while VERO X1 stays at $40.

Isn’t it time you get in on the fun?

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek