Not so fast… Eric Musselman’s future might not be set in stone

At this point, who really knows what’s going on?

Four days ago, Arkansas athletic director Hunter Yurachek tweeted a repurposed video suggesting that Arkansas basketball head coach Eric Musselman was returning for another season despite the rumors circulating the program that he was leaving.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the most important part of the equation—Eric Musselman—was not a part of the decision.

As soon as the post hit X (Twitter), more rumors spread that Yurachek posted the video without the head Hog’s knowledge. But that’s all they were at the time, rumors. However, when no one on Eric Musselman’s staff, or Musselman himself, retweeted the post, it gave weight to the message board gossip.

Yesterday, Kevin McPherson of joined Pig Trail Nation and revealed that his unnamed sources confirmed the rumors.

“I have… multiple sources telling me that Eric Musselman was not expecting that and was not aware it was coming out,” McPherson told KNWA sports reporter Evan Kamikow, “and there might have been some choice words related to the fact that it came out; when it did and how it did.”

Some fans still held out hope that it was all a big misunderstanding, going as far as to link everything to the upcoming unofficial holiday, April Fool’s Day. Regrettably, those hopes were dashed this afternoon.

Hunter Yurachek joined a small podcast called 1 Star Recruits Podcast where the man himself confirmed the fears. “That video was just to dispel some of the rumors,” Yurachek told the host, “He’s still our basketball coach. Now, this may change tomorrow. You’ll have to ask Coach Musselman that.”

The reason he gives for releasing the video was to “have fun with the fan base and the neigh-sayers,” but all it’s done is build the anxiety of Arkansas fans and embolden the neigh-sayers.

To make matters worse, Yurachek states that there are no financial incentives in the works to keep Musselman in Fayetteville.

Be that as it may, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel after all.

The 2-time Elite Eight and 3-time Sweet Sixteen coach is still working, though. On Saturday, Arkansas landed UMass stand-out Josh Cohen from the portal. Arkansas has also reached out to dozens of players in the portal, exactly how Musselman has done every year he’s led the Razorbacks.

Story originally appeared on Razorbacks Wire