Nick Bosa deserves NFL MVP consideration, not just DPOY, Kyle Shanahan states

Shanahan outlines why Bosa deserves MVP consideration originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The NFL MVP predominately has been an award for quarterbacks, but 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan believes edge rusher Nick Bosa is putting together a 2022 season to break the status quo.

“I definitely would [make a case for Bosa to win MVP],” Shanahan told reporters Friday. “It’s always tough with quarterbacks because of how big of a deal quarterbacks are to their teams and in the league and how great some of them are, so they do usually get it.”

While 13 of the past 15 MVP winners have been quarterbacks, there have been a couple outliers over the years.

In 1986, New York Giants Hall of Fame outside linebacker Lawrence Taylor won the award, joining Washington kicker Mark Moseley (1982) and Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame defensive tackle Alan Page (1971) as the three non-offensive players to win MVP.

Taylor recorded 20.5 sacks, 105 total tackles, five passes defended and two forced fumbles during his MVP season. Through 14 games played this season, Bosa has an NFL-leading 17.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, one pass defended, 48 total tackles, and 42 quarterback hits.

Bosa’s numbers show how valuable he is to the 49ers’ defense, so Shanahan isn’t shying away from campaigning for the 25-year-old to become the first defensive player since Taylor to take the MVP award and not just win NFL Defensive Player of the Year, which he has emerged as the frontrunner to claim.

“The other position that’s so impactful are pass rushers, so you think of someone like Lawrence Taylor, that make sense for someone like that to win it,” Shanahan said. “I think it would make sense for someone like [Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle] Aaron Donald in some of the years that he’s had, and you look at Nick, who I think is right in that league right there of those two people that I just mentioned and I think he’s having that type of year, so it depends how the votes go.

“It always surprises you because of the quarterback situation, but by no means is it not warranted. He’s that good of a player, and those guys are like that every once in a while.”

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A new voting system was installed this year, which could help Bosa make a run at the MVP award this season. There still are 50 media members who cast ballots, including eight former NFL players, but voters will list a top five in a weighted procedure instead of a single vote for one player.

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