Chaos erupts online as NHL fans debate 'leaked' Kraken expansion draft video


It's getting real weird out there on the eve of the NHL's expansion draft?
It's getting real weird out there on the eve of the NHL's expansion draft. (Twitter/@Ieafsfan)

Hours before the Seattle Kraken unveil their first roster in franchise history made up of unprotected parts from across the league, one selection might have slipped through the cracks via an ESPN video shoot.

Posted by an anonymous Toronto Maple Leafs fan account, the video in question is new ESPN talent Kevin Weekes announcing Seattle’s pick of forward Alexander Kerfoot from the Leafs, after catching a giant fish in Pike Place Market. It has been confirmed that the announcement of the picks are going to be made in that fashion, so of course this blew up to an uncontrollable magnitude.

Deeper in the thread, the account posts messages and more with the person that filmed the video, and while others were guessing that it was just one single take, and they were going to film a roll of more players’ names being announced, the filmer said it was just Kerfoot.

In reply, the Kraken tried to clear up the situation.

Despite their attempt at holding off the announcement for another day, Hockey Twitter predictably took the footage and ran with it.

We won’t find out the truth until Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, but for now all we can say for sure is that the fish are going to be flying and the players are going to be taken.

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