NHL Draft lottery live updates: Chicago Blackhawks win Connor Bedard sweepstakes, will pick No. 1 overall

The NHL Draft lottery takes place on Monday, and the results will be announced in a 30-minute show at 7 p.m. CT Monday on ESPN.

Anaheim, with the worst record during the regular season, has a 25.5% chance of claiming the No. 1 pick in next month's draft in Nashville, with Columbus, Chicago and others behind them in the odds list.

Connor Bedard, the 17-year-old star center in the Canadian junior ranks, is the presumptive No. 1 pick. He's considered one of the best young talents in the draft in years. Michigan center Adam Fantilli leads a second tier of top prospects in a strong draft, according to multiple draft pundits.

The Predators rank 15th in the odds to win the lottery, but because of the NHL's draft lottery rules, teams can only move up a maximum of 10 spots. So if the Predators win the lottery in either draw for the top pick or the No. 2 pick, they will select at No. 5 overall.

For more about how the draft lottery takes place, click here.

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Follow along with our live updates:

NHL Draft Lottery 2023 live updates: Where is Connor Bedard going at No. 1 overall? Will the Nashville Predators move into the top 5?

NHL Draft 2023 first round pick order

  1. Chicago Blackhawks

  2. Anaheim Ducks

  3. Columbus Blue Jackets

  4. San Jose Sharks

  5. Montreal Canadiens

  6. Arizona Coyotes

  7. Philadelphia Flyers

  8. Washington Capitals

  9. Detroit Red Wings

  10. St. Louis Blues

  11. Vancouver Canucks

  12. Arizona Coyotes (from Ottawa Senators)

  13. Buffalo Sabres

  14. Pittsburgh Penguins

  15. Nashville Predators

  16. Calgary Flames

Picks Nos. 17 through 32 will be settled as the NHL playoffs play out.

The lottery results are being announced

No. 1 pick: Chicago Blackhawks

Connor Bedard is set for Chicago and the Central Division. And the Blackhawks will start a new era inside Bridgestone Arena, where the Kane and Toews era, for all competitive purposes, ended in the 2017 playoffs.

Predators fans on June 28 may make themselves heard during the first pick.

No. 2 pick: Anaheim Ducks

No. 3 pick: Columbus Blue Jackets

ESPN goes to break, but not before Kevin Weekes saying Columbus is moving down to the No. 3 pick without the broadcast showing the NHL official revealing the No. 3 pick. We are just as confused as you are.

No. 4 pick: San Jose Sharks

No. 5 pick: Montreal Canadiens

No. 6 pick: Arizona Coyotes

No. 7 pick: Philadelphia Flyers

No. 8 pick: Washington Capitals

No. 9 pick: Detroit Red Wings

No. 10 pick: St. Louis Blues

No. 11 pick: Vancouver Canucks

No. 12 pick: Arizona Coyotes (from Ottawa)

No. 13 pick: Buffalo Sabres

No. 14 pick: Pittsburgh Penguins

No. 15 pick: Nashville Predators

No. 16 pick: Calgary Flames

The NHL will announce this from No. 16 pick to No. 1. The results will update above this entry....

NHL Draft lottery show begins

It's 7 p.m. in the Central time zone, so let's see who gets Connor Bedard. ESPN's draft lottery coverage is under way. A lot of Connor Bedard highlights.

A few minutes discussion, and then a commercial. All 16 teams appear to be represented via Zoom, with some clear streams and some fuzzy ones.

Nashville Predators set for 4 picks in top 50

The Predators have their own first-and-second round picks in the top 50, and own Edmonton's first round pick as well as Pittsburgh's second round pick. The Oilers are still in the Western Conference playoffs, while the Penguins were just behind the Preds in the regular season standings.

Pittsburgh's second round pick is set to be at No. 46 overall, so the Predators will have a chance to make a real impact on June 28 and 29 at Bridgestone Arena.

NHL Draft lottery odds to earn No. 1 pick

  1. Anaheim Ducks — 25.5%

  2. Columbus Blue Jackets — 13.5%

  3. Chicago Blackhawks — 11.5%

  4. San Jose Sharks — 9.5%

  5. Montreal Canadiens — 8.5%

  6. Arizona Coyotes — 7.5%

  7. Philadelphia Flyers — 6.5%

  8. Washington Capitals — 6%

  9. Detroit Red Wings — 5%

  10. St. Louis Blues — 3.5%

  11. Vancouver Canucks — 3%

  12. Ottawa Senators — 0%* (2.5%)

  13. Buffalo Sabres — 0%* (2%)

  14. Pittsburgh Penguins — 0%* (1.5%)

  15. Nashville Predators — 0%* (0.5%)

  16. Calgary Flames — 0%* (0.5%)

* — Nos. 12-16 will move up 10 positions if their combination is drawn, but won't receive the No. 1 pick. Those five teams combine for about 7% of the odds for their combination to be drawn. Those teams' chances to win the lottery and move up 10 spots are in parenthesis.

How to watch the 2023 NHL Draft Lottery

Time: 7 p.m. Central


Live stream: Watch ESPN and ESPN+

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